Reliable healing of chronic wounds and effective prevention in theory and practice

The seminar

The following topics will be discussed during the seminars

  • Why chronic wounds don´t heal?
  • What wound healing disorders do exist?
  • Determination of the daily energy requirement
  • Deficient circulation - effects on wound healing
  • The defense of the body
  • Diagnostic examples and conclusions
  • "Wound Management" and "Modern Wound Care"
  • Cause-related treatment method
  • Supply and fixation techniques for pressure ulcers (including incontinence) and ulcus cruris
  • Physical, biological and orthopedic basics for optimal patient positioning
  • Pressure relief during lying and sitting, prevention of skin irritations and fungal infections, prevention of contractures, prevention of wrinkling on skin contact, prevention of maceration

The entire seminar consists of a PowerPoint presentation enriched with up-to-date footage information. The mechanisms of action are demonstrated experimentally, bandaging and fixation techniques are demonstrated at the wound phantom or at a seminar participant.

A seminar participant is positioned. In practice it is shown how quickly and inexpensively with simple means a uniform pressure distribution without affecting the residual mobility is achieved, such as wrinkling on skin contact and skin maceration can be effectively prevented.

The positioning aids are manufactured during the seminar and referred to as material costs.
In addition to quality and practicability in practice, they also have the opportunity to estimate the time and cost expenditure and thus the overall profitability.

Each participant receives meaningful seminar accompanying material and a training certificate.


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