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LIGAMED® Heel Shoe

Protect without sweating. You can't get any better:

  •     light as a feather - airy - comfortable
  •     simple, fast handling
  •     anatomically correct for all feet
  •     hygienic, dirt-repellent
  •     boil-proof, sterilizable
  •     reusable
  •     maintenance-free

A real time and cost saver!

The interior is made of LIGASANO® green, an internationally proven medical dressing material, and the cover is made of high-strength polyester mesh fabric. The size of the heel shoe is LxWxH 27.5 x 9 x 18 cm.

The original LIGAMED® Heel Shoe is completely air-permeable and light as a feather. Heat and moisture accumulation have no chance, you hardly feel that you are wearing it.

The three-dimensional upholstery is anatomically correct. The result is optimal protection, no pressure points, perfect fit (even with anomalies) and high wearing comfort with almost any foot size and foot shape.

Putting on the Heel Shoe is quick and easy. The fixation takes place in seconds with two extra long Velcro fasteners and can be adjusted as desired.

The original LIGAMED® Heel Shoe - safe all-round protection for every foot

Usage sites Areas of appli­cation Protective function Comfort Hygiene
Clinic and Nursing
operating table
examination couch
intensive care
nursing homes
care services
General care
Bed, wheelchair, etc.
Patient transport
Permanent temperature resistance from -20°C to +60°C
Fixation of wound dressings
wound dressing
calcaneal ulcer
also ideal for diabetics
no application risks and contraindications known
the LIGAMED® Heel Shoe is not a walking shoe
Pressure and shock protection for the whole foot while lying and sitting
Prevention of fungal infection and damp feet
no heat accumulation
reduces shear forces
completely permeable to air
no heat accumulation
no moisture accumulation
as light as a feather
anatomically shaped
suitable for a small and large feet
high wearing comfort
dirt-repellent, very fast drying
washable up to 95°C with household detergents
Disinfection by cooking wash cycle
sterilizable with steam, 4 min. at 134°C
can be disinfected with standard household alcohol- and chlorine-free disinfectants
no culture medium for fungi and bacteria


Art.-­Nr. Image PZN Ship­ping unit Description
32210-001 32210 LIGAMED Fersenschuh 04678153 1 piece Heel shoe, suitable for all foot sizes
(Auxiliary item number in Germany


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Art.-­Nr. Image PZN Ship­ping unit Description

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32210-001 32210 LIGAMED Fersenschuh 04678153 1 piece Heel shoe, suitable for all foot sizes
(Auxiliary item number in Germany
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for the hygienic and dust-free
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