Wound calm - Wound disturbance due to change of supply

The wound should be disturbed as little as possible in order to promote an unhindered healing process. We consider this to be perfectly correct, however, with LIGASANO® wound therapy, a daily change of dressing is also suggested during the granulation phase. How does this fit together?

Let us summarise what is actually meant by calm or the opposite, the wound disorder. Typical wound disorders in classical wound care, but also in modern wound care, include

  • Long open time of wound. The wound cools down within minutes, the vessels constrict, blood circulation and thus the wound care is reduced. The wound remains passive and defenceless against approach germs for hours. During the long open time, approach germs also have plenty of time to settle on the wound or penetrate the body.
  • Rinse or shower the wound. These wound cleansing measures also cool the wound with the consequences described above. In addition, when the wound is rinsed or showered out, the body's own defence and nutrients that have been laboriously transported to the wound are washed out in addition to the undesirable coatings and germ colonisations. A real wound cleansing does not take place during rinsing or showering, the measure remains superficial, deeper-seated germs and pathogens are not reached.

These disturbances are completely spared the wound during the LIGASANO® treatment:

  • The entire wound therapy consists exclusively of changing the dressing at the right time. Practical experience has shown that additional measures such as rinsing, antiseptics, ointments etc. are unnecessary.
  • When changing the dressing, the wound does not have to be cleaned or treated additionally.
  • The dressing is changed very quickly (see pressure tension), the wound is usually open for less than half a minute during the proper change of dressing. This means that the wound is spared any wound disturbances that could prevent healing when the LIGASANO® dressing is changed.

If LIGASANO® wound therapy is applied correctly, there will never be any wound disturbances at any time and the wound healing process will never be interrupted. Therefore: No fear of frequent dressing changes!

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