Sweating on LIGASANO®

Skin contact with LIGASANO® white promotes local blood flow, leading to a local normalisation of body temperature in lying patients. (When lying down, the blood circulation does not have to overcome gravity because the heart and circulation are on the same level. Blood pressure decreases, especially peripheral body temperature drops by about 1° C).
This local blood flow stimulation is one of the therapeutic approaches in the LIGASANO® application to enable a better supply of the body part with nutrients, oxygen, etc. to enable.
Sweating is, as is generally known, the air conditioning system of the body. The penetrating moisture should evaporate at the skin surface to produce cooling. Of course, this can only work if sufficient (moisture-unsaturated) air reaches the skin. This also works quite well in the sitting, leaning and lying area, if LIGASANO® is placed green in between, because this material is almost unhindered air-permeable, imaginable like a three-dimensional sieve.

Please note for an optimal effect:

LIGASANO® green should not be completely compressed so that there is room for air to circulate.
LIGASANO® green should not be covered on the side, so that air in the application area can exchange freely with the ambient air.

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