Pressure tension

"Pressure creates identical counterpressure," Newton says. When an elastic material is deformed under pressure, it pushes back with the same counterpressure. This is called pressure tension.

LIGASANO® has the ability to quickly adapt to the new shape created by the pressure. Technically speaking, LIGASANO® loses a large part of its pressure tension.

If LIGASANO® is applied to the wound with compression (max. 50% deformation), most of the compression is lost after a short time. What remains is contact with the skin or wound.

This allows wounds to be perfectly treated quickly and easily.

Wound care simple and fast

Always cut LIGASANO® slightly larger than the wound diameter and slightly thicker than the wound depth and insert into the wound with light compression.

The goal: full-surface wound contact

The initial compression decreases rapidly and the required wound contact remains.

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