Ointments, solutions, medications: Interactions with LIGASANO

Basically no interactions of ointments, solutions, medicines and LIGASANO®. However, ointments or solutions can trigger different effects on the skin under different conditions.
It makes a difference whether a product is applied to the skin exposed to air or to the treated body area. In the first case there is no accumulation of heat, sweat and evaporating active substances, in the second case there is no accumulation, which could even change or intensify the effect of a product to an undesirable degree.
LIGASANO® green can provide valuable services if a preparation is used in the overlying area, because it prevents or at least greatly reduces heat and moisture build-up.
! gels, ointments and some medications tend to dry out or promote the drying out of wounds when applied to the skin or wound. This can lead to LIGASANO® sticking to the wound.

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