Foams as wound dressings

For foam wound dressings, polyurethane, also known as PUR in short, has become widely accepted. PUR foam has the outstanding advantage that it can be produced in countless variations (density, elasticity, cell size, cell structure, hydrolysis properties, etc.). Mainly used are polyurethane and polyester urethane flexible foams produced in continuous processes.
The various preparations usually have favourable basic properties in common, albeit with different weights: light, easy to cut to size, good mechanical and thermal protection, absorbency, air permeability. Despite these similarities, however, it is difficult to compare the effects of the various preparations because the different suppliers pursue very different goals with their product range and product properties, which are often to be achieved with the aid of material combinations.
LIGASANO® white, LIGASANO® orange and LIGASANO® green are both monoproducts with clearly defined but very different properties.

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