The fixation of LIGASANO® white must always be open to air, never occlusive.
Below are some options, with subjective evaluation by the author.


Practice grade inadequate

Fixation with adhesive plaster strips

Does not hold very well and can exert small traction on the skin. Even "skin-friendly" plasters strain the skin during peeling.


Practice mark satisfactory

Large-area, air-permeable adhesive plaster
e.g.. Fixomull stretch

Relatively expensive, holds quite well, skin stress during peeling.


Practice mark good

Net pants, fixing pants, net hose, tubular bandage

No skin stress, easy to change, may be reusable.

Disadvantage: Brakes compared to textiles. When the patient slips around,
the fixation and LIGASANO® can slip as well


Practice mark very good

Women's nylon pantyhose or parts thereof

Very inexpensive (-,40 to -,90 €), possibly reusable.
The cheapest product is the best quality for this application because it is wide meshed and permeable to air. Can be cut up at will and thus replace any fixing panties and any tubular bandage.

Advantage: The nylon material glides well over textiles, but slows down compared to LIGASANO®. Even if the patient slides around in bed, LIGASANO® remains in place.

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