Deep wounds with narrow entrance

Deep wounds with a narrow entrance, e.g. fistulas or wounds with pockets, tend to heal superficially and encapsulate an infection. The consequence is that the wound breaks open again after a short time, possibly also at other places on the body surface. The aim is that the wound actually granulates from bottom to top or from inside to outside. For this purpose, the wound care must always extend to the wound bed.
Such treatments are often very painful because a lot of friction occurs when tamponing and removing the wound care material, which can also injure granulation tissue. The LIGASANO® wound dressing is different.

Fill the wound completely, under light pressure, with the LIGASANO® Wound Strip (Art. 15370).

To do this, first explore the direction and depth of the wound so that you can reliably reach the wound bed. The wound area is generously covered with a LIGASANO® plate, 1-2 cm thick.

The wound dressing lies leporello like in the wound. There is hardly any friction during removal.

The change of supply is relatively painless and quick and easy. Premature, superficial closure of the wound is avoided.

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