Blood flow stimulation

Lack of blood circulation is the most frequent cause for the development of chronic wounds and at the same time the main reason why such wounds do not heal or heal only poorly. See also Wound healing disorders.
If an area of the body is not or not sufficiently supplied with blood, it dies or a non-healing wound develops.
LIGASANO® white causes a local increase in blood circulation in the contact area with skin or wound and thus reduces the risk of the development of wounds caused by insufficient blood circulation or promotes their healing in all phases. With the size of the application beyond the wound or risk area, the sphere of influence of the local measure increases. The supply of nutrients, oxygen and defence substances to the wound or risk area is improved and metabolic products are removed. The cleaning of the wound from germs, coatings and even dry necroses is achieved by natural increased secretion of the wound, without further action. See also wound cleansing.
The circulation-promoting effect is achieved by a mechanical stimulus, which is caused by the special surface quality of LIGASANO® white in contact with the wound or skin and by involuntary body movements (muscle reflexes, breathing, heartbeat).

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