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How does LIGASANO® behave with allergies?

LIGASANO® white is allergy neutral according to today's state of knowledge. Nevertheless, skin reactions sometimes occur.

  • Skin redness is a typical side effect of better blood circulation.
  • Blistering is rarely observed, always in connection with heavy sweating. For countermeasures see Sweating on LIGASANO®.
  • Rubbed skin can occur if there is strong friction between LIGASANO® and the skin as a result of movement.
  • Countermeasure: Secure LIGASANO® against slipping against the skin, fix to the body. See also Fixation of LIGASANO®.
  • Skin appearances with simultaneous use of other products, see ointments, interactions with LIGASANO®.

Is LIGASANO® permeable to air?

LIGASANO® white is curbed air-permeable. This ensures sufficient thermal insulation from a thickness of 2 cm without hindering gas exchange during wound treatment.

LIGASANO® green is almost unhindered permeable to air. There is no thermal insulation, regardless of thickness.

How is LIGASANO® correctly fixed?

The fixation of LIGASANO® white must always be open to air, never occlusive.

Below are some options, with subjective evaluation by the author.


Practice grade inadequate

Fixation with adhesive plaster strips

Does not hold very well and can exert small traction on the skin. Even "skin-friendly" plasters strain the skin during peeling.


Practice mark satisfactory

Large-area, air-permeable adhesive plaster e.g. Fixomull stretch

Relatively expensive, holds quite well, skin stress during peeling.


Practice mark good

Net pants, fixing pants, net hose, tubular bandage

No skin stress, easy to change, may be reusable.

Disadvantage: Brakes compared to textiles. When the patient slips around, the fixation and LIGASANO® can slip as well


Practice mark very good

Women's nylon pantyhose or parts thereof

Very inexpensive (-,40 to -,90 €), possibly reusable.

The cheapest product is the best quality for this application because it is wide meshed and permeable to air. Can be cut up at will and thus replace any fixing panties and any tubular bandage.

Advantage: The nylon material glides well over textiles, but slows down compared to LIGASANO®. Even if the patient slides around in bed, LIGASANO® remains in place.

How strong is the exudate absorption of LIGASANO® white?

Here we distinguish

1) the application as wound covering: LIGASANO® white has wound contact only from one side, the absorbency is, depending on the viscosity of the exudate (our measurements were made with water), at about 30 % by volume or 1500 % by weight or 0.3ml/cm3

2) application as wound dressing: LIGASANO® white has wound contact on all sides, the absorbency here is up to 90 % by volume or 4500 % by weight or 0.9ml/cm3

Why does LIGASANO® promote the blood flow?

Lack of blood circulation is the most frequent cause for the development of chronic wounds and at the same time the main reason why such wounds do not heal or heal only poorly. See also Wound healing disorders.

If an area of the body is not or not sufficiently supplied with blood, it dies or a non-healing wound develops.

LIGASANO® white causes a local increase in blood circulation in the contact area with skin or wound and thus reduces the risk of the development of wounds caused by insufficient blood circulation or promotes their healing in all phases. With the size of the application beyond the wound or risk area, the sphere of influence of the local measure increases. The supply of nutrients, oxygen and defence substances to the wound or risk area is improved and metabolic products are removed. The cleansing of the wound from germs, coatings and even dry necroses is achieved by natural increased secretion of the wound, without further action. See also wound cleansing.

The circulation-promoting effect is achieved by a mechanical stimulus, which is caused by the special surface quality of LIGASANO® white in contact with the wound or skin and by involuntary body movements (muscle reflexes, breathing, heartbeat).

How does the rapidly falling pressure tension of LIGASANO® white work?

"Pressure creates identical counterpressure," Newton says. When an elastic material is deformed under pressure, it pushes back with the same counterpressure. This is called compressive stress.

LIGASANO® has the ability to quickly adapt to the new shape created by the pressure. Technically speaking, LIGASANO® loses a large part of its compressive stress.

If LIGASANO® is applied to the wound with compression (max. 50% deformation), most of the compression is lost after a short time. What remains is contact with the skin or wound.

This allows wounds to be perfectly treated quickly and easily.

Wound care simple and fast

Always cut LIGASANO® slightly larger than the wound diameter and slightly thicker than the wound depth and insert into the wound with light compression.

The goal: full-surface wound contact

The initial compression decreases rapidly and the required wound contact remains.

Are AZO colours in LIGASANO®?

AZO colours are not in LIGASANO®.

How long is the shelf life of LIGASANO® white?

It is almost the same as salt and pepper, for which a sell-by date must also be specified. Theoretically, LIGASANO® would have an endless shelf life if it was reliably protected against light and moisture. We guarantee a shelf life of 3 years from the production date, if stored properly. LIGASANO® should no longer be used if it is heavily yellowed or crumbles.


Are there any contraindications for LIGASANO®?

LIGASANO® is allergy neutral, stimulates the blood flow in skin contact due to its mechanical stimulus, has a controlled absorbency and rapidly falling pressure tension. These effects must be taken into consideration with every application. In carcinomas, for example, the stimulation of blood flow could have a negative effect, but we are not aware of any real contraindications.


How is LIGASANO® stored correctly?

Store away from light, moisture, open fire, embers and temperatures above 70°C, see also package information.


How resistant is LIGASANO® to ointments?

If ointments, solutions etc. are used at the same time, it may be necessary to check whether LIGASANO® is resistant to them.

Apply ointment or solution to LIGASANO®, pack tightly in a foil bag and store warm. If after 24 hours there is no noticeable visible change in LIGASANO®, it can be assumed that LIGASANO® is resistant to the preparation.

Normally the resistance of LIGASANO® is given for products applied to the skin. At least to this day we have not heard anything to the contrary.


Are there any interactions of ointments, solutions, medications with LIGASANO®?

Basically no interactions of ointments, solutions, medicines and LIGASANO®. However, ointments or solutions can trigger different effects on the skin under different conditions.

It makes a difference whether a product is applied to the skin exposed to air or to the treated body area. In the first case there is no accumulation of heat, sweat and evaporating active substances, in the second case there is no accumulation, which could even change or intensify the effect of a product to an undesirable degree.

LIGASANO® green can provide valuable services if a preparation is used in the overlying area, because it prevents or at least greatly reduces heat and moisture build-up.

Gels, ointments and some medications tend to dry out or promote the drying out of wounds when applied to the skin or wound. This can lead to LIGASANO® sticking to the wound.


Are there any changes in the effects of LIGASANO® in combination with ointments?

Ointments or gels can clog the pores of LIGASANO® and change the surface texture. The controlled absorbency and the desired mechanical stimulus can be negatively affected or even eliminated.


Does LIGASANO® promote sweat production?

Skin contact with LIGASANO® white promotes local blood circulation, leading to a local normalisation of body temperature in lying patients. (When lying down, the blood circulation does not have to overcome gravity because the heart and circulation are on the same level. Blood pressure decreases, especially peripheral body temperature drops by about 1° C).

This local blood circulation stimulation is one of the therapeutic approaches in the LIGASANO® application to enable a better supply of the body part with nutrients, oxygen, etc. to enable.

Sweating is, as is generally known, the air conditioning system of the body. The penetrating moisture should evaporate at the skin surface to produce cooling. Of course, this can only work if sufficient (moisture-unsaturated) air reaches the skin. This also works quite well in the sitting, leaning and lying area, if LIGASANO® is placed green in between, because this material is almost unhindered air-permeable, imaginable like a three-dimensional sieve.

Please note for an optimal effect:

  1. LIGASANO® green should not be completely compressed so that there is room for air to circulate.
  2. LIGASANO® green should not be covered on the side, so that air in the application area can exchange freely with the ambient air.

How is the dressing changed with LIGASANO®?

In the wound cleaning phase, the wound usually wets heavily - and it should! The exudate flow cleans the wound from the depth through the pores of the wound bed, even dry necroses are dissolved and washed out.

  1. In the wound cleaning phase, the LIGASANO® dressing must always be changed at the latest when exudate becomes visible on the outside. On average twice a day, but can vary greatly from person to person.
  2. The cleaner the wound, the less it will wet. Now it no longer has to clean itself, but only keep clean. Change of dressing 1x daily to 1x every 2-3 days. (Our recommendation is 1x daily. This ensures that granulation tissue cannot grow into LIGASANO®).

Does LIGASANO® stick to the wound?

In principle, LIGASANO® does not stick to wounds because it is always a moist wound care. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens in practice that LIGASANO® still sticks stubbornly to wounds. Below is an overview of the causes known to us and their countermeasures:


Corrective measures

The LIGASANO® wound dressing is thinner than 2 cm, therefore too much air reaches the wound, the exudate evaporates too quickly and dries out.

Measured from the wound bed, LIGASANO® should always be at least 2 cm thick to ensure a moist and warm wound environment.

LIGASANO® has no contact with the wound in places. Exudate cannot be absorbed and dries on the one hand on the wound and on the other hand on LIGASANO®.

Always pay attention to full-surface wound contact. Always apply LIGASANO® to the wound with light compression. Do not be afraid of compression!

In wounds that in principle only weep very little, such as superficial burns or abrasions, the leaked blood or exudate can dry out.

It is usually helpful to moisten LIGASANO® on the wound side, e.g. with Ringer's solution, in order to increase the humidity.

In addition, ointments, gels or medicines are used in wound treatment which dry out and thus combine with the skin/wound on the one hand and LIGASANO® on the other.

This sticking is desired in individual cases. The adhesive effect of the gel should accelerate the debridement process. If the adhesive effect is not desired, please check whether ointment, gel or medication is really necessary or whether another, non-drying preparation with the desired effect is available.

Additional ointments, gels or medicines are applied to the wound, which have a drying effect on the wound itself. A moist, warm wound environment cannot develop.

Please check whether an ointment, gel or medication is really necessary or whether another, non-drying preparation with the desired effect is available.

LIGASANO®: was too long in the wound during the granulation phase, newly formed tissue has sprouted into the cell structure.

When LIGASANO® is used, wounds often granulate surprisingly quickly and strongly. In such cases, it makes sense to shorten the interval between the change of supply.


As a general rule, if LIGASANO® is stuck to a wound, please wet it from the outside and press the wetness into the material with pumping movements so that the dried blood or exudate softens to such an extent that LIGASANO® can be easily removed.


Is LIGASANO® prescribable?

LIGASANO® white, LIGASANO® green and LIGASANO® orange are dressing materials that can be prescribed in Germany if they are prescribed and used as such.

According to § 31 paragraph 1 sentence 1 SGB V, insured persons are entitled to the supply of pharmacy-prescribed drugs, insofar as the drugs are not excluded according to § 34 or by guidelines according to §92 paragraph 1 sentence 2 no. 6, and to the supply of dressings, urine and blood test strips.

LIGASANO® white, LIGASANO® green and LIGASANO® orange are not drugs or pharmacy-like medical devices, but medical devices used as dressings.

Dressings are prescribable according to the above mentioned § 31 and are not subject to the exclusion regulation according to § 34.

Dressing materials are subject to copayment according to the amount resulting from § 61 sentence 1.

Does LIGASANO® contain plasticizers?

LIGASANO® does not contain any plasticizers.