We have expanded our production

Quality and hygiene have always been top priorities at LIGAMED®. This is why all LIGASANO® products are processed and finished in our clean room (class 7) with downstream manufacturing processes.

These are some examples
- all LIGASANO® bandages and wound dressings
- all LIGASANO® slit compresses, nipple dressing, Omega-pads
- all LIGASANO® products with self-adhesive equipment
- LIGASANO® Roll in all sizes.

Due to the pleasing demand it became too cramped in our previous clean room, which is why new space had to be created. We have invested and created a 5-fold enlarged clean room, where we could also improve the work processes on this occasion.

You and your patients deserve only the best - and we work on that every day.

Your Leonhard Hüttner
Managing Director of LIGAMED®

Definition of clean room:
A clean room has an extremely low concentration of airborne particles. Airborne particles are all particles and substances that float in the air and can hardly or not at all be perceived with the naked eye. Such clean rooms are needed where particles present in the ambient air would interfere.

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