Review A.Pf.E.L. Symposium 2019

On 7 May 2019 our 1st A.Pf.E.L. Symposium (User Care Expert Day with LIGASANO®) took place in Fulda. A concentrated day on the topics of wound cleaning, wound care and prevention or relapse prophylaxis and additionally great speakers and user contributions, for example from home care, intensive care, podiatry, which led practically through the programme. The event rooms in the Morgensternhaus were fully occupied with motivated participants and experienced users.

You can see a video review of this event here:

Daniela Laskowski, initiator and organizer of the event:

"This symposium was also made very practical and lively by the great presentations of our customers. The program was always exciting and characterized by 18 experienced speakers in 7 workshops by expert knowledge. There were many tips and suggestions, which were shown practically as far as possible - e.g. how impressive results can be achieved with little effort.

This was not the only reason why our expectations were far exceeded, it was a real hands-on event. The informal atmosphere in a pleasant environment did the rest to make all participants feel good. Once again, thanks to everyone who was there."






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