New product: Dressing pad with adhesive strip

for padding hoses, catheters and tubes

From practice for practice. According to this principle, new LIGASANO® articles are created again and again, which make everyday practice life easier and help your patients.

Since 15 October 2019, you have been receiving the dressing pad with adhesive strip in the practical dispenser box. This dressing material with a width of 4.5 cm is ideal for cushioning tubes, probes and masks.

The required amount can easily be cut off with scissors. The dispenser box contains two metres of this dressing material.

See two application examples below:

Abpolsterung dünner SchläucheAbpolsterung dicker Schläuche


LIGASANO® Roll in the dispenser box with adhesive strip

Art. Nr. PZN Material Size
15216-001 16197921 LIGASANO® Roll white non-sterile 200 x 4,5 x 0,4 cm


We will be happy to send you samples of our new dressing material. Please send us an e-mail with the keyword "Sample dressing pads with adhesive strip" and do not forget to state your postal address.

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