LIGAMED wishes a successful start into the new year

Dear LIGASANO users,

this time not only a year but a whole decade ended.

In 2019...

... we held 442 seminars (basic seminars, workshops, basic seminars podiatry, workshops intensive care, product training) for you.

... we were represented at the industrial exhibitions of 136 trade fairs and congresses and had interesting conversations and exciting cases to discuss.

... there were 2 new LIGASANO products that make your work for effective wound healing and (relapse) prevention easier:

16815 Wundreinigung

Abpolsterung von Kathetern

We thank you for the successful time in the fight against wounds and look forward to the next decade with you.

We can already give you a small preview of what to expect.

Just in time for the turn of the year we have launched our new website - in addition to the new design there is a lot of practical knowledge and information on how to use LIGASANO.

From mid-January onwards, we will also be offering additional sizes of our slit compresses in sterile and non-sterile versions, as these are often requested by us.

For samples of the new products please write to or use our contact form on the website.



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