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LIGAMED® medical Produkte GmbH

The origin of LIGAMED® medical Produkte GmbH dates back to 1984. It is located in the Franconian city of Cadolzburg, in the heart of the Nuremberg metropolitan area, the so-called "Medical Valley".

We were pioneers in the introduction of wound dressings and dressings made of PUR foam. Today almost all manufacturers of dressings also have PU foam dressings in their assortment.

LIGASANO® white, the therapeutically effective PUR foam dressing is unique to this day, both in its structure and, above all, in its effect.

It is no coincidence that we say "LIGASANO® simply works" - and this is what we stand for.

Effective dressing material with history

LIGASANO® white, LIGASANO® orange and LIGASANO® green are foamed polyurethanes of the new generation. The origins of polyurethanes go back to the middle of the last century. The basic chemical reaction was discovered as early as 1848 by the chemist Würtz. However, the significance of this process was not recognized until much later (in the 20th century) and was taken up again by Otto Bayer in Leverkusen in 1937.

His determined research made it possible to bring rigid polyester foam onto the market first, then flexible polyester foam and, after about 20 years of work, polyether foam. These plastics were given the collective name polyurethane (PUR) and developed into one of the most universal materials ever.

Source: Verband der Polyurethan-Weichschaum-Industrie e.V. (Association of the Polyurethane Flexible Foam Industry)


In cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Weber, at that time head physician at the Dermatology Clinic in Nuremberg, a foam was developed for medical use, which was given the name LIGASANO®.

This designation without further additive referred to the product, which is known today as "LIGASANO® white". The additional indication "white" refers to the colour of the material and became necessary because the material, which in the past was offered under the name "Grünes Klimagitter®", is now offered under the name "LIGASANO® green". The impetus for the development of LIGASANO® green, as with LIGASANO® white, came from medical and nursing practice.

In order to heal pressure ulcers, it is absolutely necessary to relieve the pressure on the wound area in addition to local wound treatment. As already described in an article by Gerhard Weber and Karl-Heinz Galli in the specialist journal "Deutsches Ärzteblatt" from 1980, LIGASANO® also performs this task with excellent results.