Pressure relief with LIGASANO®

Pressure relief with LIGASANO® white under the cap with binasal CPAP

University Hospital Mainz, Paediatrics 

Field report of the Neonatological Intensive Care Unit 

Some children have to be ventilated via a small tube which is pushed from the nose into the trachea and connected to the ventilator via a tube system. The lungs are artificially ventilated to supply the body with sufficient oxygen and to remove carbon dioxide. 

Some premature babies, even very small ones, are already strong enough to breathe on their own, but need breathing support (CPAP) to develop their lungs. These children either have a tube over a nostril in their throat, or they wear caps with two small tubes (Prong) that lead into the nose (binasal CPAP). 


What is LIGASANO® white and how is it used in the neonatal intensive care unit?

LIGASANO® white is a therapeutically effective foamed polyurethane (PUR) with a wide range of applications for wound care, pressure relief and prevention. It has mixed cells and relatively fine pores and, due to its special surface properties, exerts a mechanical stimulus in skin and wound contact that promotes local blood circulation. Excess moisture (e.g. sweat) is absorbed in a controlled manner and unwanted accumulation of moisture is prevented. 

Another special feature of LIGASANO® white is the rapid release of compressive stress, which enables uniform adaptation to contours and avoids pressure peaks. In the neonatal intensive care unit, LIGASANO® white is used to relieve pressure and promote blood circulation under the cap and under the fixation of the binasal CPAP.